2012 May

Initial results from wide scale pest control

Pest trapping results encouraging. WETA, the pest control contractor, have recently collated interim results of six months of pest control carried out as part of the Poutiri project.

The graph to the right indicates the numbers of pests caught in traps extending through farms and forestry surrounding Boundary Stream.

A trial has been undertaken looking at the relative effectiveness of baited and unbaited traps. Initial results indicate baited traps can be up to three times more effective.


Kaka chick death

Sad news … attempts to rehabilitate a kākā chick found on a track by DOC staff in Whirinaki forest were unsuccessful.

Initial care was undertaken by Ian Drysdale and his bird rescue team at Whakatane. With the blessing of local iwi Te Runanga O Ngati Whare the bird was taken to Otorohanga Kiwi House for further care with the hope that it could eventually become part of the national captive breeding programme.

Regretfully the chick succumbed to disease in spite of the best efforts of the team. It was found to have a fungal infection (aspergillosis) that it would have picked up before being found by field staff. Aspergillus is common in the environment. Birds catch aspergillus when feeding or sifting through mouldy litter and vegetation – inhaling spores. Young, old and stressed birds are more susceptible. It is not transferrable between birds.


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