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Pan Pac donations of nest box timber for seabirds. One of the bigger projects for Poutiri Ao ō Tāne is the translocation or moving of the petrel species back to theMaungaharuruRange.

The range was once the breeding site for millions of burrowing seabirds.  Our focus over the last 18 months has been on the planning necessary for this to happen. The success of this project will literally turn back the clock and help restore the mauri (life force) of the Maungaharuru Range.

Translocations of two petrel species will begin over the next twelve months. We will transfer Cook’s petrel (titi) chicks from Hauturu (Little Barrier Island) and Mottled petrel (kori) chicks from Whenua Hou (CodfishIsland).  By transferring chicks from their natal burrow before they emerge, to an artificial one at the new site, they imprint on that new site and most will return to there to breed.

Seabird translocations are an expensive business. One particularly significant cost is the material needed to construct the 200 artificial burrows that the chicks will be placed in. The burrows are in the form of wooden boxes which are buried in the ground with a plastic pipe for a tunnel entrance.

Pan Pac Forestry Ltd is one of our strategic partners and when they heard of our need for timber for the burrows they stepped forward and donated what was required.

Brett Gilmore from Pan Pac says “It is great to be able to further support the project with the wood for the petrel boxes. It is a win-win. The boxes are made of a new product; Thermo modified timber or TMT, which improves many aspects of pine including its durability. Pan Pac wants to see how it performs in a harsh environment especially since it hasn’t been preservative treated.  And the petrel get a new home.”

The next step was to turn the timber into artificial burrows.  This is where our volunteers Owen Rees, Paul Exeter and Ted Angrove came to the fore.  These three members of the Napier Tramping Club have been volunteering for DOC for a number of years.  More recently they have extended their commitment to Poutiri.

The three of them have turned their hand to constructing the boxes and while it may seem like a daunting task to some they picked up hammer and saw and went for it.  A number of burrows are now ready for installing at the seabird site up on theMaungaharuruRange in spring. We will be needing   help to do this!  If anyone is interested, then simply fill out the volunteer registration form on this website if you haven’t already and we will get back to you.

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