Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council supports long term sustainable land management and the sustainable management of freshwater, consistent with HBRC’s vision for a region with a vibrant community, a prosperous economy and a clean and healthy environment.

The Poutiri Ao o Tane project complements HBRC’s strategy for a resilient ecosystem through strategic alliances, with focus on biosecurity, notably predator control and biodiversity.

HBRC is in the business of:

  • Natural resource management and governance.
  • Natural hazard assessment and mitigation.
  • Rregional strategic planning (including statutory plans such as the regional policy statement).
  • Providing and assessing regional scale infrastructure, notably flood risk assets, regional logistics facilities, ie. the Port of Napier and (subject to feasibility) water storage.

With the 2012-2022 Long Term Plan, HBRC has a focus on more innovative ways to undertake its role, with some weight on public sector reform coming from central government.

HBRC, with local councils, is in the process of upgrading the Regional Policy Statement to cover urban growth planning, integrated freshwater management and natural hazard planning. Further integration of regional transport planning is also underway.

HBRC is actively investigating a deeper alliance with the Department of Conservation, with Horizons and the greater Wellington regional councils to assess options for jointly delivering services across areas including biosecurity, biodiversity, regional park management and science delivery. The objective is for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

A deeper partnership with Massey University also satisfies HBRC’s need for better access to science and research capacity, while also complementing the skills-based focus at the Eastern Institute of Technology.

Through the Hawke’s Bay Regional Investment Company, HBRC proposes to invest in infrastructure assets to enhance the region’s economic base, while delivering environmental benefits and, in the medium term, a reasonable rate of return. Possibilities include water storage, off-port logistics facilities and more trees established in our highly erodible hill country.

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