Maungaharuru Tangitū Inc

Ka tuwhera a Maungaharuru
ka kati a Tangitū
Ka tuwhera a Tangitū ka kati
a Maungaharuru

Maungaharuru-Tangitū Incorporated (MTI) was established to represent the hapū of Tangoio marae which is located 20km north of Napier on SH2. The traditional area of the hapū spans from the Maungaharuru range on the west to the sea of Tangitū to the east. The northern boundary of the hapū extends beyond the Waikare River, with Te Waiohingānga (Esk) River to Keteketerau (the former outlet of Te Whanganui ā Orotu) as the southern boundary.

The hapū of MTI are Ngāti Kurumōkihi (also known as Ngāi Tatara), Marangatūhetaua (Ngāti Tū), and Ngāi Te Ruruku ki Tangoio. MTI is the voice and the representative body of these hapū to protect their interests in various matters, including promoting the advancement of the hapū in the areas of culture, education, employment, economics, recreation, health, Treaty of Waitangi claims and negotiations with the Crown and local authorities, and other areas affecting the well-being of the hapū and their environment and resources.

This above proverb defines the boundaries of the hapū between mountain and sea, proclaims ahi kā roa (occupation) and the inherited right to exercise mana whenua and mana moana through undisturbed occupation back to the original ancestors who first settled the land.

Maungaharuru-Tangitū Incorporated
Phone 0800 TANGOIO (0800 826 4646)
Office address
Unit 4, 144E Kennedy Road
Marewa, Napier
Postal address
PO Box 3376
Hawke’s Bay Mail Centre
Napier 4142

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