Ngāti Hineuru

Ko Titiokura te Maunga
Ko Mohaka te Awa
Ko Ngati Hineuru te Iwi
Ko Te Rangihiroa te Tangata

In 1994 our kaumatua foresaw the need to set up Ngāti Hineuru Iwi as the iwi governing body for all matters pertaining for Ngāti Hineuru. They saw then that it was important for Ngāti Hineuru to stand together, to work together to build a future where our people were happy, healthy and whole. Our kaumatua saw a wealthy and prosperous future for our people; “Mai Hineuru, Mo Hineuru”.

This vision has not changed. Since this time we have recognised the call of those who have past, with a mind to those who have yet to come. Today, Ngāti Hineuru is at what could be described as a turning point in its history and is about to embark on yet another chapter of challenge. As an iwi, we must retain our tikanga and kawa while moving forward.

Like others, we are in the midst of Treaty of Waitangi claims processes. We seek to settle those grievances impacting Ngāti Hineuru Iwi and we are pleased to report that we have achieved the first milestone: the mandate of the people. Armed with the confidence of Ngāti Hineuru, Ngāti Hineuru Iwi has confirmed its strategic vision and goals, and we look optimistically to the future of our people. We know that for Ngāti Hineuru to succeed, we must all play our part in leading our people forward. No reira, nau mai haere mai ki Ngāti Hineuru.

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